Fly Buy Gift Shop store front

The Fly Buy Gift Shop goes global!

For more than four decades now, the Air Zoo has served as a place for stories of history, flight, innovation, science and technology to be told and shared through our exhibits and displays. Amusement park-style rides send children’s imaginations soaring in our Flight Innovation Center, erected in 2005 (when the Fly Buy Gift Shop also opened its doors), and an array of flight simulators give fearless pilots a wide variety of flight experiences. Over 100,000 artifacts and archives help us tell a myriad of stories about aerospace heritage and innovation. From that small hangar that opened in 1979, we’ve grown to provide our visitors with more than 100,000 square feet of combined exploration, education, and exhibition space. Our once modest displays now include such heavies as the world’s only SR-71B Blackbird. Our STEAM-based education programs ignite imaginations while our exhibitions, including industry-leading, international travelling shows, offer engaging experiences to visitors of all ages and learning styles. And historic aircraft are given a new lease on life through restoration on public view in our renowned Flight Discovery Center.

Oh, how we’ve grown! And now, we are excited to take our Fly Buy Gift Shop to new levels as well with our new and exciting on-line store. Now everyone in the world (maybe even the galaxy) can shop for the cool, unique, stylish and educational items that visitors only once found in the store. Whether you have been searching for the perfect gift for your space-loving little person or you are wishing you had picked up that super cool hoodie and die-cast SR-71 Blackbird you saw on your last visit, we have it ready to ship to your doorstep.

Please keep your eyes on our on-line store as new and exciting items, including one-of-a-kind Air Zoo merchandise will be added soon.  Know you saw something on a previous visit to the museum that you don't see here?  Email us, chances are good we can still get you that super-cool item.  

In the words of our President & CEO, Troy Thrash, Ad Astra!

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