Copycat Science

Explore famous scientific discoveries through humorous comic strips – then have a go at copying the science experiments for yourself!

Science is entertaining... science is funny... science is downright ridiculous!
Explore the wacky world of STEM in this comic book of exciting experiments
  • Defy gravity with air pressure!
  • Extract DNA from a living thing!
  • Learn the science of SLIME!
  • Create a lightning bolt in the dark!
  • Prove theories about light with Newton's wheel!

Discover STEM topics through the lives of over 40 scientists and their amazing discoveries. Read the comic strips then have a go at each STEM experiment yourself. Featuring a diverse range of scientists throughout history this book will inspire you to give science a go! Are you ready?

Written & Illustrated by Mike Barfield. Published by Quarto Publishing, 2020.  Paperback, 96 pages. 

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