Einstein's Twin

From the author of Einstein’s Riddle comes a collection of science’s most intriguing and classic paradoxes, puzzles, and unsolved conundrums to stimulate the brain and delight the mind.

How can a cat be both dead and alive? Can you travel back in time to kill your own grandfather? How can a particle also be a wave? Why did sex evolve?
Einstein’s Twin explores some of science’s classic questions and intractable mysteries, which have challenged the world’s greatest thinkers. Time dilation, wave-particle duality, time travel, and quantum entanglement, along with many other scientific phenomena, are introduced in a clever way that will engage your critical thinking faculties while at the same time challenging your sense of reality. Einstein’s Twin is a must-have for any avid puzzler’s library.

By Jeremy Stangroom. Published by Bloomsbury Publishing. Hardcover, 144 pages. 

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