Risk! Classic Game

Since 1959, RISK! Has fascinated millions of 'world conquerors.' Its appeal is timeless, as every game is a unique experience. You’ll need sound strategy – and some luck – plus great diplomacy (to persuade your opponents to spare you and attack the others). Make a misstep, and you’ll be wiped out. Make the right moves and you’ll conquer the world and win!

Features an oversized bi-fold game board with original style art. 6 sets of beautiful wooden army pieces, Deck of area cards with original style art. High quality dice (2 white and 3 translucent red).

We include Rules booklet featuring a history of RISK!, the1959 original rules, rules for a short game, plus popular rules variations for experienced players. Ages 8+, 2-6 players. Game Time: 60-90 minutes.

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