The Great Navy Birds of Lake Michigan

Over the past thirty-five years, a small team of explorers have surveyed the southern basin of Lake Michigan in search of World War II US Navy aircraft. The aircraft were lost during mishaps that occurred during an almost forgotten naval project which had trained thousands of aircraft carrier pilots between the years of 1942 through 1945. 
Because the explorers became so proficient at locating and recovering the aircraft, the Director of the National Naval Aviation Museum engaged them in an effort to rescue dozens of aircraft for presentation to the American public. Today, these wonderful machines, which had been used by the Greatest Generation to preserve the world's freedom and liberty, are viewed by and touch the lives of millions of people each year. 
As with all good things in life, it is the end result that is most known. The trials, troubles and effort to get there is almost always forgotten. This book tells the stories of how the exploration team succeeded through an odyssey within a realm no others have dared to enter. 

By Taras C. Lyssenko. Published by America Through Time, 2019. Paperback, 160 pages. 

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